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Soma Jennings, founder of Princess and the Pinot, and Amelia Singer, TV presenter on The Wine Show, are hosting online wine tasting sessions so you can learn about wine and taste along LIVE. In each session they are joined by wine producers and industry experts who will answer your questions. If you would like to buy the wines to taste along, follow the links to the retailer tasting packs. You are welcome to watch the webinars without buying the wine, then simply log in, listen and enjoy! Sign up to our newsletter so you don't miss out when we announce new sessions. 

Please drink responsibly. We don't want to encourage you to drink more than you normally would, so if you don't fancy opening all three bottles in our tasting packs, you could open one, join the webinar then drink the others at a later date. If you do want to open all three bottles, we recommend Coravin and Avina and AntiOx bottle stoppers for keeping open wine fresh for longer, please visit our ACCESSORIES page to find out more. 

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"Three bottles of wines is too many for me to open in one night"

We use Coravin to preserve our wines, allowing us to drink wine without removing the cork. We also recommend AntiOx and Avina bottle stops for preserving your wine for up to a week. 

"I don't like the look of one of the wines in the package"

You don't have to buy the package we have put together. You can buy a different selection from the retailer, choosing only the wines you want, but that may mean you miss out on any HYO Wine Club discount.

"I've not used Zoom before. Do I need to download any software?"

Once you register you can login using the link we send you. You can also download the Zoom software on your computer, or app on your phone, and log in through those for a more stable connection.

Wine Expert: Amelia Singer

Amelia Singer will be co-hosting the webinars as our guest wine expert. Amelia is a TV presenter on The Wine Show, Wine Writer for Waitrose Food Magazine, UK Ambassador for the California Wine Institute and Founder of Amelia’s Wine.

Amelia has recently launched her WINE APPRECIATION COURSE with Learning with Experts. In this unique introductory online course, Amelia combines a rigorously thorough understanding of wine with a witty and charming ambience. Classes are interactive and assignments can be handed in directly to Amelia who will then report back to you personally. Amelia is joined by winemakers, chefs and friends to teach you about the most famous regions of the wine world, how to understand the layout of a restaurant wine list, and how to confidently find and appreciate wine based on your budget and the occasion.

To get more of a feel about what an Amelia's wine experience entails, please watch the trailer for the course HERE. And to book your place to start whenever you want please click HERE.

How to Host Your Own (HYO) Wine Club

The Wines

HYO Wine Club will recommend wines from independent wine retailers for you to try at home. The wines come in packs of three and you order them direct from the retailer's website, please follow the links above to make your order. If you don't like the look of one of the wines you can order your own selection from the retailer's website, but you will miss out on the package discount.

What to Bring

We recommend each person has three wine glasses, but you can use the same glass for all three wines if you prefer. You should have a glass of water and breadsticks or crackers to help cleanse the palate between wines. We doubt you will want to spit the wine out, but maybe have a spittoon or mug to hand just in case you want to swish out your glass with water between wines. 

Taking Part

Register for the event using the buttons at the top of the page. Join our webinar for a LIVE wine tasting experience. As you try the wines you can ask questions in the Q&A box and comments in the chat box. The sessions will be recorded so if you can't make the time they are on you can watch them at a later date. We will keep a list of previous sessions and wines for you to refer back to.

Previous Wine Webinars

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Re-Wine & Re-Wire

Join Soma Jennings and Amelia Singer to re-wine their taste buds after Dry January and re-wire their minds after a crazy hectic 2020 to feel good again and taste amazing wines! Our guest was Sarah Furness, an ex-RAF helicopter pilot, who teaches us to train our brains so we appreciate the wine in our glass. For the wines, we partnered with the wonderful Bin Two team in Padstow to create a Feel Good February case that we will be tasting live. The three wines we are focusing on for the tasting are Lagravera Onra, Mas d'Alezon Le Presbytere, and Les Escures by Fabien Jouves.

Wines of the Rhone

Amelia Singer and Soma Jennings talk to Laurent Pare, Chief Winemaker at Cellier des Dauphins about the wines of the Rhone. We taste Les Dauphins red and Las Dauphins white, and discuss the whole range of wines in the AOC all the way up to Cru and a Chateauneuf du Pape.

Central Coast of California

Soma and Amelia talk to Jeff Nelson at Liquid Farm, Gavin Chanin at Chanin Wines and Bob Varner of Varner Wines about the changing scene of Californian wine and how to get great bang for your buck! We taste White Hill Chardonnay (Chablis style), Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir (Burgundy style), and Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon (California Style), available to buy from Stannary Wine.

Portuguese Wines

Soma and Amelia talk to Francisco Baptista - winemaker for Lua Cheia wines, Paulo Silveirinha - importer and retailer Exquisite Portuguese Wines, and Lauren Denyer - WSET Educator. Take a virtual trip to Portugal, taste the wines, and hear what the locals have to say. You don't need the wines to watch the video, as we go through the wine regions of Portugal and the native grape varieties - informal and informative!

An introduction to Sake

Amelia and Soma are joined by Rie Yoshitake, UK Sake Ambassador, Asami Tasaka, MD of World Sake Imports, and Robin Sola of Sorakami, UK retailer of Sake. We go through what sake is, how its made, and then enjoy a tasting of Ginjo, Daiginjo, Junmai and Nigori Sake.

Savvy Sipping

Amelia Singer and Soma Jennings share their insider knowledge and top tips for buying wines that are great value for money. Twelve ways to get more bang for your buck!