Wine Accessories

Keep your wines fresh for longer

Wines will keep fresh for 2-3 days if you put the cork back in and pop them in the fridge (even reds). We use AntiOx bottle stoppers for our still wines as these keep wines fresh for up to 10 days. For our sparkling wines we use Avina bottle stops, which have an amazing seal. The best gadget out there for wine preservation is Coravin, which allows you to pour a glass and keep the rest of the wine fresh for years! The best decanter we have found is eto, which seals the wine keeping it fresh after the wine has been decanted.


Coravin is the amazing gadget that allows you to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork. Meaning you can have a glass of wine and then pop the bottle back in the rack!

Which Coravin model is right for me?

Ready to buy a Coravin, but not sure which model to buy? I walk you through Models 1, 2, 2 Elite, 3, 5 and 6. Model 11 isn't covered in this video.

Avina Champagne Stopper

Avina fizz stopper   WE'VE SOLD OUT! 

Strong leak-proof sparkling wine preserver. Keeps the fizz in your bubbly and safe for sideways bottle storage. Suitable sealer for Champagne, Prosecco and Cava. We don't have any left in stock, but you can buy these direct from Avina or through Amazon.

Pulltex AntiOx Stopper

AntiOx wine stopper£13 

The AntiOx stopper is a revolutionary new system for preserving wine and it is extraordinarily simple to use. Simply push firmly onto the bottle to close and pull off to pour. The seal is tight and the filter inside the stopper actively disrupts the oxidising process. In tests, the AntiOx showed almost no deterioration in flavour over 10 days and it markedly outperformed vacuum systems tested over the same period. For optimal performance, please keep the bottle in vertical position.

Accessories for serving your wine

Rapid Ice Active Wine Cooler Sleeve

Keep in the freezer, then pop over the bottle and it chills wine within 5 minutes 

Wine pourer
£5 (pair)

These wine pourers aerate the wine and prevent drips

Double Walled Wine Cooler

Keeps chilled wine cold and prevents condensation

P&P is £4 to UK mainland, or FREE delivery to Marlow, Henley and surrounding areas.